Job manager 2020 Angular version ;-)

Helo and welcome to project jobmanager 2020 (Angular version)

Job manager 2020 Angular version ;-) Job manager for all your application needs!! Deploy a docker image into your container favorite distributed system and enjoy fully independent system!

Manage your applicatios Write notes how good was your experience meanining your tech interview Analyse what type of industry you hit most times Look up archive of your previous applications and with which result Set up notifications(experimantal feature) Create template letters , but send them via own email server. Prepare lists of companys where you wish to send out your applications.

Would you like participate in project and wish to know scrum stories so far then ask me via or linkedin or trough my page so you can alway reach me via given sites! ;)

This project licensed under LGPL more read here

Do you want to know more about this project ? Then watch this youtube presentation: Then Go to gitter messenger and start asking questions and propose ideas!

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